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Why go after a corrupted copy if you have the original?
The reason why Christianity and Islam were able to prosper is because they took the Holy text, corrupted it, and missionized it to the world.

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How are we different?

The most important difference between Judaism and other religions is the revelation itself. All false religions began with one man who claimed to have received a message from G-d. This one man was either rejected or accepted by some in his generation. Judaism is different. The revelation of our religion was witnessed by 600,000 men (three million if you count women and children). As the verse says "...Not with our forefathers did HaShem seal this covenant, but with us - we who are here, all of us alive today. Face to Face did HaShem speak with you on the mountain, from amid the fire..."(Deuteronomy 5:3). During the Sinai revelation, there was not a single man who did not believe that this indeed is G-d's revelation. The whole nation witnessed the ten plagues of Egypt, passed through the split sea, and was nurtured by the miraculous Manna for forty years. NO other claim of revelation has come even close to what Judaism claims.

Sinai Revelation from

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Common denominator of monotheistic religions.

The fundamental beliefs of major monotheistic religions are the following:

Christianity - Jesus is the son of G-d, while Moses was a prophet of G-d.

Islam - Both, Muhammad and Moses were prophets of G-d .

Judaism - Moses was a prophet of G-d, while Muhammad and Jesus were false prophets.

Christians do not accept Muhammad as a prophet of G-d, while Muslims do not accept Jesus as the son of G-d. Both religions, however, accept Moses as the prophet of G-d. The multitude of Christians and Muslims support the Jewish claim in the following way: Christians face 1.5 billion Muslims who reject their fundamentals, while Muslims face 2.3 billion Christians who reject their fundamentals. Therefore, Muslims support the Jews in that Jesus is not G-d's son, while Christians in that Muhammad was not a prophet. At the same time, Jews have the support of Christian and Muslim that Moses was a prophet of G-d, who has revealed the Holy Torah.

Religions pointing at Torah

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Religions of Peace?

Christianity and Islam both claim to be the religions of peace, and yet both have been involved in a massive religious massacre. The Christians have orchestrated the Inquisition and the Holocaust, while Muslims the Armenian Genocide. Certain Christian and Muslim groups are the first to misquote the Talmud (or quote it out of context) and accuse the Jews of evil, while history itself is pointing a finger back at them.


Crusaders from

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False statements in the Qu'ran.

Here are just a few examples.

"And Jews say Ezra is the son of Allah, and Christians say Messiah is the son of Allah....(Quran 9:30)" Where in the Jewish scripture or any other Jewish literature does it say the Ezra is the son of G-d? You will not find it, because it is not true.

"At length she brought the (babe-Jesus) to her people, carrying him (in her arms). They said: 'O Mary! truly an amazing thing hast thou brought! O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a man of evil, nor thy mother a woman unchaste!'" (Qur'an 19:27-28) Was Mary (the mother of Jesus) the sister of Aaron? This would only be possible if she lived for 1,500 years.

Quran Text from

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Missing chapters of the Qur'an during Muhammad's lifetime?

It is related by Sahih Al-Bukhari - al jaami 6:501 "I asked Ubai bin Ka'b, "O Abu AlMundhir! Your brother, Ibn Mas'ud said so-and-so (i.e., the two Mu'awwidh-at do not belong to the Qur'an)." Ubai said, "I asked Allah's Apostle about them, and he said "They have been revealed to me, and I have recited them (as a part of the Qur'an)." If during Muhammad's time there were already two chapters missing from certain versions of the Qur'an, what can we expect today?

Quran text

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Did Muhammad split the moon?

Muslims claim that Muhammad split the moon to prove his legitimacy to a small group of Meccans. In Muhammad's days (about 15 centuries ago), many civilizations had already developed writing systems, and kept records of major events. The fact that this was not documented by anyone outside of Islam, proves the claim to be a fraud.

Split Moon

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Multiple versions of Qu'ran.

Qur'an comes in many versions. According to one Islamic sources the Qur'an was revealed to Muhammad without any vowels or diacritical points. Therefore, "This resulted in variant readings of the. Qur'an The way in which the Qur'an was recited by each of the readers was formerly recorded in textual form. This resulted in the presence of many transmissions, and accordingly the Qur'an (Mus-haf) was written differently in different areas. We know however that the Qur'an given to Muhammad was in one form ,which means all the various transmissions only represent the different readers and do not necessarily represent the Qur'an revealed to prophet Muhammad and preserved in Master Tablets at God Almighty." ( The main differences are in the Hafs and Warsh versions of Qur'an. So, even if the Qur'an was divine (G-d forbid) we wouldn't know today which Qur'an it was, since each group claims that theirs is the correct version.

Different Qurans from middle east

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What if G-d wants to give a new set of commandments?

Muslims claim that because Jews failed, G-d decided to give a new set of laws for all humanity, while revoking the old laws of the Torah. Accordingly, Jews do not need to observe the laws of the Torah any longer. Instead, they must accept Muhammad as a prophet, and observe the laws of the Qu'ran. If G-d's will is to revoke the first set of commandments, the new revelation would have to be on a much greater scale than the first one. If not greater, definitely not less. How else can G-d expect us to believe that this indeed is His will? When G-d revealed the Torah to the Jewish people, roughly three million people witnessed the event (heard G-d's voice, passed through splitting of the sea, and were nurtured by the miraculous manna). According to Islam, however, when G-d revealed the Qu'ran to Muhammad, he was in a cave all alone. How can G-d expect us to accept the revocation of the Torah, with a doubtful revelation of the Qu'ran?

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